Green Spina-Bac

New SPINA-BAC colour available, Forest green, in our webshop and soon by our distributers.


New SPINA-BAC testimonial added::

"When you’re pregnant your body is changing fast in a very short time. Especially the back receives an increased load when the belly is growing and the pelvis gets less stable. Spina-Bac was very helpful in creating a comfortable position in front of the computer at work during my whole pregnancy. .

A new-born child eats frequently and for long durations and it is common that you breast fed more than eight hours a day in the beginning. Spina-Bac helped me find good positions when breast feeding and thereby I avoided tense muscles and pain in my neck and back.."
Sara B, new mother

New user pictures added. (Göte, 93 years old and satisfied SPINA-BAC user)